A Mama Baila Personal Well-Fitness Session will include two or more of the following areas based on your needs:

  • an individualized pregnancy or post-partum nutrition plan
  • co-create your own personal pregnancy or post-partum well-fitness plan (covering exercise, diet, rest and relaxation)
  • an individual Mama Baila Class
  • move, stretch and do strength exercises based on your body’s needs
  • privately and safely let go of inhibitions—helping you to move more freely and organically
  • practice movements and positions for labor and birth
  • receive coaching and support to stay well and fit during pregnancy
  • receive coaching and support to rebuild your strength and well-fitness in the post-partum period and motherhood
  • receive emotional support dealing with concerns and fears relating to pregnancy, birthing and post-partum life
  • a series of 4-6 sessions can serve as a private childbirth preparation course for you and your partner (covering emotional, physical and family preparation for birth)

Pricing: $100 for 75 min session
Personal Well-fitness Package: $500 for 6 sessions

Email us at info@mamabaila.com or call (512) 222-9023 to discuss how Mama Baila Personalized Sessions can meet your needs!

Personalized Sessions