Planning a homebirth and in search of a Midwife?

Paula X Rojas is also an Apprentice Midwife, a midwife in-training. Paula is currently able to provide pre-natal care and birthing services as an apprentice midwife, under the direct supervision of Christy Tashjian, her mentor. You would receive Paula’s attentive and energetic care combined with Christy’s extensive experience. Call or email to set up a free consultation meeting to see if this could be the right match for your pregnancy and birthing experience. Email or call (512) 222-9023.

Background: Paula has been a certified doula and childborth educator for over 7 years. In 2010 she embarked on the path of becoming a midwife. Paula has been a student in the ATM (Association of Texas Midwives) training program since January of 2010 and began her hands-on training in Spring 2011. After training for one year under the mentorship of GB Khalsa, one of Austin’s most experienced midwives, she is continuing her training with the multi-talented Christy Tashjian, CPM, RN. Paula began apprenticing with Christy in August of 2012.

Christy Tashjian has been helping families welcome babies in Austin and surrounding communities as a homebirth midwife since 1998. Her practice provides complete prenatal, homebirth and postpartum care in a loving and relaxed environment, using informed choice as a foundation of practice. Services include Maya Abdominal Massage, nutrition counseling, water birth if desired, breastfeeding support and other holistic care techniques.