Paula X. Rojas, founder and creator of Mama Baila, has dedicated her life to working on women’s rights, wellness, and health. She has over 15 years of experience working as a trainer and facilitator of women’s empowerment and leadership development with both youth and adults.  She has done extensive work internationally in Chile and Mexico, and locally in New York City and Austin, Texas.

In creating Mama Baila, Paula combines two of her life passions:

  • empowered pregnancy and birthing,  and
  • movement, fitness and dance

Paula is an experienced birth professional. She is a certified Childbirth Educator, a certified ALACE and DONA Birth Doula and an apprentice midwife.

Mama Baila brings together this experience with her life-long love and practice of fitness, wellness and dance. She is a trained Dancing for BirthTM Instructor, ZumbaTM Instructor, with extensive dance experience in Cumbia, Salsa, Nia Dance.

Paula is the mother of two amazing children, Xue-li and Camino. She enjoys working for social justice with other women so that all mamas and babies can be healthy and empowered. In her free time she enjoys dancing, day or night, even at 9 months pregnant!