Some of the ideas and practices behind the creation of Mama Baila:

-It’s a Body Thing-

“Giving birth is something a woman does in her body, not in her head.”

- Pam England, Birthing from Within

This statement seems obvious enough. And yet so much of pregnancy and birth preparation these days is focused on filling the mind: we read tons of books, we ask our provider tons of questions, we turn to our family and friends for their birth stories. Being well informed is essential, but how does the body also learn what it needs to know for pregnancy and birth? Mama Baila provides a space for your body to integrate movement and strength-building exercises that open you to the birthing experience. It is distinct from other forms of exercise that are recommended for pregnancy—such as pre-natal yoga, walking and swimming—because it intentionally integrates the rhythmic pelvic movements of labor and birthing.

-Let Yourself Go- There comes a point in the birthing process when one lets go— surrenders to the experience to follow the body’s wisdom. Perhaps you’ve heard stories of women in labor who found themselves moving in unexpected ways, swaying and rocking to facilitate the baby’s journey through the pelvis and birth canal.  Mama Baila classes give you the opportunity to “practice” letting go with dance techniques and routines that release the body.  Just as we “practice” relaxation or release of the mind through meditation, we can “practice” release of the body through dance.

-Have Fun !- “No pain, No gain” is the widely accepted motto of exercise and fitness in our culture. But at Mama Baila we believe that reaching your optimal fitness goals requires joy and self- compassion. So drop the inner drill sergeant. This is about having a great time. That’s why prenatal or post-partum dance is the ideal program for those who exercise regularly, as well for those who are new to a fitness routine. The fun you experience here is the fuel that will keep you motivated to stay well and fit throughout your pregnancy and beyond.