Mama Baila (Dance Mama!) is a pre-natal and post-partum dance and fitness class designed to support you in preparing for a healthy and empowered birth and a fit and energetic motherhood experience.

On this website you can:

  • learn about the Mama Baila experience

  • sign up for group classes or individual sessions, or buy a gift certificate for a pregnant friend

  • access information about natural birth, fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition for before, during and after your pregnancy

  • read testimonies from past Mama Baila participants, or post your own experience

  • learn about current key issues affecting women’s health and empowerment

We are looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you to reach your Well-Fitness goals during pregnancy and beyond.

Mama Baila envisions a world where every mama has the support and access she needs to reach her potential in Well-Fitness (of body, mind, heart and spirit). A just and loving world is one where all mamas thrive in the journey through pregnancy, the post-partum period and parenting.

Mama Baila is dancing along that journey, one woman and birth at a time …